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We'd rather it be him [getting the rebound]," Adams said. It's good that he actually gets to come in and take it.I don't mind it."Both Adams and Enes Kanter have joked about needing to box out Westbrook because he's taking their rebounds.

To many watchers' surprise, Westbrook popped up and walked over to check back in.The Thunder aren't as good as they were, but Westbrook is still providing every reason to watch. Westbrook's individual achievement has spilled over to team success, with his teammates feeding off the triple-double run. It has given the Thunder an identity as they rally around their new solitary leader, and Westbrook's nightly commitment is showcased by the numbers he puts up."You want to always appreciate it and not take it for granted," Nick Collison said. And it would be different if he was out hunting these statistics. A year before, he was on a triple-double roll, but went to the bench with two minutes left in the game, one rebound shy of a triple-double."Tip? Westbrook denied politicking for it after the game. Westbrook cares about winning first and foremost, but there's no doubt he pays attention to the triple-doubles. It's an impressive achievement, and one to be proud of.This season, Westbrook is recording triple-doubles at a historic pace, notching 11 such feats in 22 games, maintaining a current streak of six, and averaging 31 points, 10.9 rebounds and 11.3 assists per game. As is usually the case when anything fun or cool starts happening, skeptics emerge, ready to rain on the history parade. Ricky Davis and Andray Blatche embarrassed themselves just trying to notch one.

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“I just love them so much,” 11 year-old Alessondra Click told the station.

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