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Remember, you can re-spin Wild Symbols in if you re-spins reels 2 and 4- that´s worth remembering.

Also, if you prefer a Chinese dragon theme, just go ahead and play the Dragon Dance slot- it´s essentially the same game, just reskinned.


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We never really came up with an official name for the graphic, but we just referred to it as the “MP5 Megaphone Guy.” It seems Ross is getting pretty political this season with the elections coming up in November.This is solo 2 from the 2nd playthrough video (above) from my, as yet, unreleased E. Starting in the 7th fret position, which Check out this solo. The track is called ‘Party At The End Of The World‘ and this solo starts at – The first thing to 3 Free Shred Guitar Licks Transcription Lick 1 This lick utilizes one of my favourite rhythmic patterns – quintuplets I use a 2 string pattern for this lick which shifts with every repetition.There’s plenty of alternate picking in different rhythms, pentatonic legato & tapping techniques!Solo starts at in the above video 7 String Solo This solo is one of my favourites!

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